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Saturday, 22 April 2017

10 Must Watch Designer Bag Unboxing Videos

stored and adored preloved designer bag blog: street style celine luggage tote bag
 photo by j-No / CC BY

Designer handbags are often a big investment, so it's an exciting time when you bring a new (or new-to-you if you shop pre-loved) designer bag home. It's a growing trend on YouTube to share "unboxing" videos, where YouTubers will open their new designer bags on camera. I love these sorts of videos because, like myself, these women truly love designer handbags and it's wonderful to witness how happy they are with their new purchases. It's also a great way to see video footage of designer bags, and this can really help you to get a feel for the size and quality or various designs. 

One of the more difficult parts of YouTube is finding new content to watch. It's easy to stick with the channels that you already know and love, but it can be time consuming to find new videos that you like. Today, I've done the work for you and I've gathered together ten unboxing videos from some of my favourite YouTubers. I've also tried to make sure that there are a range of designer brands represented across these videos, so you won't see the same Gucci bag unboxed ten times! 


Thursday, 20 April 2017

Furla Metropolis Bag Review

stored and adored designer bag blog
photo by PandaLovePhotography / CC BY

The Furla Metropolis Bag (in the mini size) is an incredibly popular bag.

In London, where I live, it's hard to go a day without seeing one of these bags - and they're worn by all sorts of people. Furla makes the Metropolis bags in a big range of colours, and many limited edition seasonal designs (like the bag in the photograph above). This means that whatever your style or your age, so long as you like mini bags, there's going to be a Metropolis bag that will work for you and your wardrobe.


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Akris Ai Horsehair Bag in Cream and Taupe

stored and adored designer bag blog

Two years ago I bought a woman's entire designer handbag collection; it represented decades of collection, and demonstrated an exquisite taste in designer bags. Amongst that collection was an Akris Alex Tote (which I'll be blogging about soon) and I've had that bag in my own personal handbag collection for the last couple of years. That bag was my first introduction to Akris, which you can read all about in my blog post here, and it encouraged me to pay a visit to their Old Bond Street store in central London. 

Saturday, 15 April 2017

6 Bags You Need in Your Handbag Collection

storedandadored designer bag blog: essential bag styles
Photo by Marianne Chignon, 'Spy a Silhouette'

Designer handbag collections benefit from variety, but as far as I'm concerned there are 6 classic styles that everyone should consider adding to their wardrobe!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Loewe Vintage Shoulder Bag in Textured Brown Leather

stored and adored pre loved designer bag blog

This beautiful texture leather Loewe shoulder bag is the newest arrival in my studio. The Loewe bags that feature this sort of textured leather date back to around the early 2000s, so this bag has clearly been very well looked after! When I first received it I was really impressed with its condition - it looks like it might only have been used once or twice, and only demonstrates light signs of wear. 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Minute Pop Art Clutch Bag

stored and adored pre loved designer bag blog

3.1 Phillip Lim makes some of my favourite designer clutch bags. Season after season, the brand produce fun and innovative designs - and I usually want all of them. The preloved market makes it possible to buy designs from seasons gone by, and that's how I find most of my favourite designs.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Pony Hair: What You Need to Know

stored and adored preloved designer bag blog

Pony hair is most commonly made from cow or goat hides, using the hair side of the animal. The hides are shaved so that the hair comes to resemble that of a horse hide. In this way, the name pony hair simply refers to the look of the pelt and no real ponies are involved in its manufacture. Pony hair is also commonly referred to as hair-calf, calf-hair or hair-on-leather, but the fashion industry uses the term 'pony hair' because it sounds a little bit sexier. 

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